Most accessible beaches by car are found on Kythera’s east coast.

It has only five villages located on its coastline. These villages (Diakofti, Avlemonas, Platia Amos, Agia Pelagia, and Kapsali) all attract the summer crowd who clamor for some of the cleanest waters in the Mediterranean.

What distinguishes Diakofti: all beaches on Kythera have pebbles with the exception of Diakofti and Kapsali where its clean golden sand is mostly sought after and especially ideal for children and families.


Diakofti Beach is a stunning sandy beach on the Greek island of Kythera. It has golden sand and crystal clear waters. The beach is great for swimming and snorkeling, and amenities like beach chairs, showers, and nearby cafes are available. Overall, it’s a beautiful and accessible beach destination on Kythera.


 PALEOPOLI is the largest beach on the island. The area was once the site of the ancient Kytherian town of Scandia. This is also where the baths of Aphrodite were located. And a little farther into the sea, is where the goddess of beauty was born. 


Many consider this, besides Diakofti, to be one of the most memorable. This is definitely a sight that is not to be missed, even if you are on the island just for a day! It is in the eastern part of the island, right next to Paleopoli. The beach is divided into three parts, the third being the most impressive: it has a small cave leading to another tiny beach.


KOMBONADA is in the eastern part of the island between Fyri Ammos beach and Kaladi beach. This picturesque beach has great waters and appeals to bathers wanting no trace of civilization.


This is also one of the most picturesque of beaches. A small and secluded beach in the south-western part of the island, with crystal clear waters. It is connected to the Drymonas village by a long dirt road. There is a canteen on Melidoni beach, which organises beach parties day and night. Another way to get to the beach is on Captain Spyro’s boat, which leaves from a number of coastal villages.


This is yet another popular beach in the south-eastern part of the island, which can be accessed from the village of Kalamos. The beach is distinguished by its red colored pebbles.

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